Astrological houses

There are 12 Houses of the Zodiac, each one corresponding to a Sign and Planet/s and sharing its energy. It is a blending of Houses, Signs, Planets, and Aspects that makes up who we are, reading and interpreting how these energies manifest is at the core of what I do.

Below is a brief overview of each of the Houses to assist you with understanding my interpretations.

1st House

The House of your physical body also known as your Earth, Rising, or Ascendant Sign. This House sets into place all of the other Houses in your natal chart and how you will approach your life and work to achieve the goals of your Sun Sign. It is indicative of your demeanor, the energy people see upon first meeting you.

2nd House

The House of your talents, skills, abilities, self worth. wealth, finances, material possessions and family of origin.

3rd House

The House of how you think and communicate with your self (inner dialog) and others. Your writing, speaking. siblings, cousins, close friends, and short distance travel of any kind.

4th House

The House of home, family of choice, mothering, nurturing, the inner self, early education. emotion, protection, over-protection, and the past.

5th House

The House of creativity, the heart, the ego, love, romance, children, the entrepreneurial spirit, and elementary education.

6th House

The House of service to others, work, day to day routine, practicality, health, pets, debts, diseases, and visible enemies.

7th House

The House of relationships and how you relate to others, the spouse or significant other, marriage, and close business relationships.

8th House

The House of hidden things. digging deep, occult knowledge, intimacy, psychology, sex, life and death, the extremes, transformation, major ups and downs, regeneration, in laws, assets of the spouse, other people’s wealth, and legal disputes.

9th House

The House of philosophy, mentors, advisors, websites, media, publishing, philosophy, law, religion, foreign culture, higher education, and astrology.

10th House

The House of career, how you are seen in the world, your goals, authority figures, and your father.

11th House

The House of networking, socialization, groups, organizations, larger circle of friends, humanity, technology, hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future.

12th House

The House of rest, relaxation, spirituality, losses, charity, the mind, instituations, asylums, jails, hidden places, and hidden enemies.