Hey, I'm Nikki,

I guide people who are looking for self knowledge and empowerment in their lives, giving them the tools to transform their world and paint a masterpiece with their own unique colors.

I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and learning of all kinds; a passion that helped me to get through a health crisis a few years ago and, thanks in part to the knowledge I gained through Astrology, come out stronger for it. It was this very crisis that allowed me to embrace my path as a Transformational Astrologer and to help others rise out of the ashes of their own personal trials, more powerful and full of life. Hence the name, Phoenix Rose.

Now I work alongside a team of marvelous health professionals at Cardinal Point and The Soul Source, and when I’m not empowering people to change their lives or further diving into astrological concepts I can be found spending time with my husband and daughter. We have all kinds of adventures hiking throughout the beautiful State of Wisconsin.

One of my favorite sounds is the clatter of well loved polyhedral dice on a table top surrounded by close friends as we tell a good story together. A fairly large collection of cel art from Sailor Moon resides in my home. Oddly enough, loving the series made learning Astrology a little easier as I already knew all the planetary symbols and some of the archetypes thanks to the show.

If you’re curious to know more here are 4 things you don’t know about me:

-My favorite ice cream is Coconut Bliss’ Mint Galactica.

-I have been known to dress as Harley Quinn outside the month of October.

-Neil Gaiman is my favorite author, with American Gods and the Anansi Boys getting my highest recommendation. He has an irreverent way of looking at the world that I find refreshing.

-I am working on my first novel in a series in the urban fantasy/paranormal horror genre.

Get started changing the way you look at your world and send me a message!

I’d like to get to know you and your own story as I help you get to know yourself.

Nikki DeKeuster

Certification from The Organization for Professional Astrology in progress.

What People Say About Working With Me.

"I was interested in my reading out of curiosity but Nikki was able to clarify conflict within myself and freed me to view myself in a new way. Amazing."
Virginia, U.S.A

"My experience with Nikki has always been very poignant, accurate and helpful. I am amazed by her skills. Whatever her system is it works! I would highly recommend it to a friend!"
Wisconsin, U.S.A

Nikki is an amazingly talented Astrologer. Her readings have given me a greater understanding of myself and helped give my life new direction.
Wisconsin, U.S.A