Astrological Planets

There are 14 Planets that I regularly look at in a chart and in transit. Planets in Astrology are not limited to the 8 that we know of as planets today but include any Astrological Body that holds significant sway over us. This includes the Sun, Moon, Asteroids, and mathematical calculations such as the Nodes.

Below is a brief overview of each of the Planets to assist you with understanding my interpretations.


Also known as your Rising or Ascendant. Your body and physical self here on this Earth and often how others will first perceive you upon meeting you. It is the Zodiac sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth and changes every 2 ½ hours so is highly personalized. It sets the map for your life and the Houses.


Your Moon Sign is your mind, instinct, intuition, and emotions. How you will immediately respond to a given situation whether stressful or happy. It is said to represent the energy of the Mother in one’s life or whomever it was that played the roll of primary nurturer. This Sign changes every 2 ½ days.


Your Sun Sign is your soul. It is who you are at your core and what drives your life force on this plane. Two people with the same Sun signs can have very different ways of going about getting to what it is their soul loves to do, but it will all boil down to the same energy. It is said to represent the energy of the Father in one’s life or whomever was the primary authority figure. This Sign changes roughly every 30 days.

Body, Mind, and Soul combine to make up the essence of who we are. The other planets, Venus, Mercury, Mars etc…also have an influence and these energies all have higher and lower octaves. How they manifest depends on you. Some are more challenging than others but knowing they exist is half the battle.


Represents our higher intellect, how we think, and how we communicate. It deals with information, media, writing, speaking, and travel.


Represents how and what we love, and value. She rules our talents, finances, relationships, what we take pleasure in. cattiness, pettiness, and jealousy.


Represents our willpower, drive, and energy. It represents our anger, aggressiveness, competitiveness, courage, masculine and sexual energies. What are we willing to fight for?


Represents our optimism. It deals with abundance, travel, philosophy, teaching, knowledge, guidance, over-abundance, and arrogance.


Represents our fears. It deals with our reality, restrictions, time, maturity, structures, planning, discipline, and hard work.


Represents our uniqueness, It deals with all things outside of the box, genius energy, strangeness, freedom, truth, liberation, chaos, and sudden change.


Represents our spirituality and capacity to dream. It deals with the imagination, creativity, art in all forms but particularly music and painting, the highest and purest spirituality, the highest forms of love, peace, escapism, smoke and mirrors, illusion, disillusion, and addiction.


Represents our power and capacity for transformation. It deals with hidden things, death, darkness, the occult and psychology

Rahu/ North Node

The bodiless head of the dragon. It is an energy where we always want more but never feel full, satisfied or good enough. Rahu distorts whatever Sign, House, or Planet it sits with and can blow things out of proportion. In my experience ones whole chart will tend to work against the achievement of what Rahu wants in an almost cruel fashion. You want it and strive for it but it will be the hardest thing to achieve.

Ketu/ South Node

The headless body of the dragon. It sits opposite Rahu and denotes an area of our life that we are most comfortable with, something that comes so naturally to us and we tend to fall back on in times of strife. The goal is to unite the body with the head by standing on Ketu’s firm ground while reaching for Rahu.


An asteroid associated with the feeling of a deep wound in our lives that we may or may not know where it came from. In Greek mythology Chiron was wounded with one of his own poison arrows and traveled the world looking for a cure. He never found one but did learn how to cure many other ailments in his travels and was able to share this knowledge with others. This ability gave a sense of purpose and a kind of healing to his own situation, as though it had not been in vain, and so while the wound never went away completely it no longer held the all consuming power and pain over him that it once did.

Planetary Aspects

The Planets interact with each other as they spin around the cosmos playing out a sort of heavenly drama that effects us in both large and small ways depending on how the Planets aspect one another. Planets send out energy waves that interact with other planets to varying degrees depending on the angles. I’ve broken them down below.


Two or more planets within 8-10 degrees of one another. The result is a merging of energies the strength of which is dependent on how close they are and which House and Sign they reside in.


A harmonious aspect in which two or more Planets form a 120 degree angle with each other in the same type of Sign (Water, Air, Fire, or Earth). Energy flows well between the two Planets and comes easy to the individual.


A harmonious aspect in which two or more Planets form a 60 degree angle with each other in compatible Signs (Water with Earth, or Air with Fire). Energy flows well between the Planets and comes easy to the individual though it is not as potent as a Trine.


A challenging aspect in which two or more Planets form a 90 degree angle with each other in incompatible Signs (Water with Fire, or Air with Earth). Energy flow is difficult between the Planets and there is a challenge to grow and integrate the two energies.


A challenging aspect in which two or more Planets form a 180 degree angle with each other in opposite Signs. Energy flow is very difficult between the Planets, though they are of compatible types (Earth with Water, or Air with Fire). The challenge is to better understand the opposing energy and integrate it into ones life and view point. An Opposition is more potent than a Square.


A bizarre aspect in which two or more Planets form a 150 degree angle with each other. The energies at play are off center in some way. There may be a longing to integrate them but it always seems to be just out of reach of happening. With time and effort the two can be powerfully integrated and unlock great potential within an individual.