Astrological signs


A Cardinal Fire Sign ruled by Mars. Aries is the trail blazer of the Zodiac. It is about competition, aggression, and very much concerned with the physical realm. It is the Sign of initiative. drive, ambition, willpower, war, anger, action, and ego.


A Fixed Earth Sign ruled by Venus. Taurus is the manifestor of the Zodiac. It is about material manifestation, pleasure, indulgence, over indulgence, strength, stability, standing in who we are, property, wealth, finances, family and all things of value to us. It is the most stubborn sign and resistant to change but when it does move the whole earth shakes, it can feel like a stampede, and be just as hard to stop.


A Mutable Air Sign ruled by Mercury. Gemini is the communicator of the Zodiac. It is about speaking, writing, curiosity, being open minded, multitasking, seeing two sides of an issue, can be two faced, superficial, restless, and easily changed. Symbol is the Twins or the Male and Female.


A Cardinal Water Sign ruled by Moon. Cancer is the nurturer of the Zodiac. It is about the home, mother, emotions, caring for others, intuition, early education, safety, security, can be controlling, sniping, blunt, go after the jugular and have hermit tendencies.


A Fixed Fire Sign ruled by Sun. The King or Queen of the Zodiac. It is about leadership, status, shining brightest in all things, acting, performing, being playful, innocent, childlike, can be arrogant, tantruming, and depressed if others don’t see them as magnificent. Leos need an adoring public to follow them.


A Mutable Earth Sign ruled by Mercury. The analyzer of the Zodiac. It is about organization, analysis, minutia, hard work, healing, purity, teaching of practical and grounded knowledge, day to day tasks, being of service to others, can be harsh, critical, overly worried, and think too much..


A Cardinal Air Sign ruled by Venus. The balancer of the Zodiac. It is about harmony, balance, justice, fairness, relating to others, seeing the whole picture, can be indecisive, self centered, people pleasing, over compromising, and judgmental.


A Fixed Water Sign co-ruled by Pluto and Mars. The transformer of the Zodiac. It is about intensity, power, passion, intimacy, drama, extremes, transformations, diving deep, hidden things, psychology, facing your fears, karma, can be creepy, intimidating, obsessive, dark, brooding, secretive, and unforgiving.


A Mutable Fire Sign ruled by Jupiter. The philosopher of the Zodiac. It is about teaching, philosophy, travel, independence, fun, light heartedness, fearlessness, wisdom, abundance, taking the long term view, can be arrogant, fickle, know it all, unable to live in the present, reckless, irresponsible.


A Cardinal Earth Sign ruled by Saturn. The planner of the Zodiac. It is about hard work, planning, determination, perseverance, responsibility, can be cold, harsh, emotionally detached, and authoritarian.


A Fixed Air Sign co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn. The humanitarian of the Zodiac. It is about humanity, future thinking, innovation, originality, technology, science, truth, independence, freedom, knowledge, can be cold, unemotional, robotic, fickle, rebellious, strange and always an outsider.


A Mutable Water Sign co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. The dreamer of the Zodiac. It is about going with the flow, not sweating the small stuff, dreaming, visions, art, music, spirituality, sensitivity, inspiration, can be prone to escapism, addiction, oversensitivity, and living with their head in the clouds.